Me: *rocking out to unpredictable*
Everyone else: *rocking out to 5sos's new album. Which is FUCKING AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE BUT MEEEE!!!!!*




me in 60 years

Supercon Panel with Alex Kingston (x)

Is it bad that I have always wanted to memorize a license place from a movie then call the cops and say my car was stolen?


it’s ok girl

I see into your soul, Doctor

This Week On Tumblr

Supernatural Fandom: SEASON 10 BEGINS OCTOBER 7th!! Less than 4 months till we see some more Demon!Dean!!
Doctor Who Fandom: SEASON 8 BEGINS AUGUST 23rd!!!! Less than 2 months till we get to see Twelve!!
Sherlock Fandom: . . . . . . . *sobbing intensifies*